All Courses of Electrical engineering on Tips Engineer Zone


All Courses of Electrical Engineering on 

Tips Engineer Zone 


1.       Transformer Design Course Calculation Online Course

2.       Solar Power System Design Calculation online Course

3.       Transformer Testing Online Course

4.       Induction Motor Design Calculation online Course

5.       DC-DC Converter High Frequency Transformer Design online course
6.       Online Electrical Engineering Course 

7.       Tan Delta Testing online Training/Course
8.       High Voltage Testing Training Course
9.       Job Interview Preparation/Tips for Resume and Cover Letter-Online course
10.    High Voltage Capacitor Design Calculation Course
11.    Electrical Substation Design Course

12.    Electrician Training Course

13.    Power Transformers: Basic Test, Maintenance, and Diagnostics online Course

 14. Capacitor Bank Calculation Course Sizing Calculation, Principle & Conversion

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     For Indian Student Fee - RS 499/-

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